Burke Lake Park Golf Course

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Solid Par 3 course for the Vienna, Fairfax and Springfield area, and at a cost of $22.00 per 18 holes it makes Burke Lake more than affordable.

Clubhouse: Small and clearly noticeable from Ox Road. They only have snacks there but plenty of choices of drinks, including beers. Staff is very helpful and make you feel welcome.

Driving - Like many of the other driving ranges within Fairfax County golf courses Burke Lake uses artificial mats with rubber tees. Although the range is good quality, and accommodates for drives up to and beyond 270yds. The number and height of rubber tees for the mats are limited making it tough to practice drives at a particular ball height. As with all the Fairfax County courses 5 buckets of range balls can be purchased for $20.00 or you can use tokens from other Fairfax County courses just be sure to exchange them in clubhouse before walking out there.
Putting - The putting green is in front of the clubhouse facing Ox Road. The green is a good size and as well kept as the greens on the course.
Sand/Chipping - I didn't notice a sand or chipping area but admittedly I didn't have much time before having to tee off so I could have missed it.

Fairways: As will all 9-hole Par 3 course the fairways are relatively short, straight and without too much of any real slope or water hazards. There are 2 to 3 holes, which you might be able to use your driver depending on your skill but you'll probably do better with a 3 or 4 hybrid. Except for one tee box (it was atrocious) the tee off areas are all well cared for and close to one another (i.e. the distance between red to blue are only 5 to 10 yards).

Greens: Moderate sized and well cared for with a medium speed and no dramatic breaks that I can recall. I did find the apron surrounding the greens very forgiving and it could probably be cut a little longer if they wanted to increase the difficulty of the course.

Sand Traps: None of the sand traps are really threatening but somehow I still managed to land in one. However the bunker height is low to average allowing for easier exit and getting onto the green.

Overall: Another good course for Fairfax County and like all the others at a great price. What I like most is it's a full 18-hole course and the environment of Burke Lake couldn't give the course a better surrounding. Based on all the good and ease of the course I give it an A-OK rating, 3 Stars.

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Fantastic short course that crams a lot of great golf on a small plot of land.

The course is simple but offers great par 3's. The course plays half in the open, half in trees and has some water on a few holes. The longest hole is about 190 yards and the shortest is about 90 (white tees). This is a great place to either practice at the start of the season, or to play over and over. I would also recommend as a course to help a new golfer try out the game. The short holes won't scare them away. Best part for us average players is you can brag about your score to all your friends: I shot a 71 today!.

The driving range is great and includes some shade during parts of the day. Always check your bucket of range balls, you'll find a few premium brands after someone slices their Pro V1 on the first hole.

Never used the golf school so I can't speak for that.

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Calm and quiet environment located in Fairfax. Grass is kept well and a bargain . Nice place for an evening out on the driving range. Burke Lake Park is a walk away.

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A great bargain and place to play. User friendly facility and great golf on the week nights!

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Nice 18 or 9 hole . Really cheAp
After 2:30 pm. Great deal. Driving range as well

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