Who is Supreme Golf?

Supreme Golf is a technology company that loves golf and wants to help people become more involved in this great game.

What does Supreme Golf do?

Supreme Golf is the most comprehensive tee time search engine on the planet. Whether you want to play close to home or when traveling, Supreme Golf helps you find quality tee times at the best prices. Search tee times and prices from thousands of golf courses, online tee time retailers and deal websites. Compare them side-by-side and choose the one that best fits your schedule and budget.

How many tee times/courses does Supreme Golf search?

Supreme Golf's goal is to search every possible online tee time provider, golf course and deal site. Don't just take our word for it, try us out and see for yourself. 

Why isn't my favorite course included on Supreme Golf?

If your favorite golf course is public and allows internet-based booking and is not yet on Supreme Golf, you can rest assured that it will be soon. If you have booked it online and would like to see it included on more quickly, please let us know

How does Supreme Golf work?

Search millions of tee times at over 13,000 golf courses at once. How? Just enter a city, zip code or course name in the search field, select the day you want to play, and click the search button. From there you will be whisked to a new page where you can compare tee times from multiple providers—often at a variety of prices—and choose the one that best fits your schedule and budget. Click the "Book It" button to confirm your tee time then complete your transaction.

What if I need a refund or have other customer service issues?

If you choose to Instant Book on Supreme Golf for GolfNow, TeeOff or Golf18 rounds then customer service inquiries, including refunds, with exception of order changes, can come through the customer service here at Supreme Golf. Need to contact someone? We can be reached at [email protected]. If you choose to link off to the provider's site to complete the booking, you will need to contact the provider for post booking support. 

What if I don’t remember the provider I booked from?

If you booked via our new Instant Booking Technology, you can view all previous rounds within your Account section at Supreme Golf. You will also always receive a confirmation email that tells you who to contact should you need customer service.

What do you mean by "tee time provider"? Which providers does Supreme Golf search?

When we say online "tee time provider", we are referencing companies or websites that allow the public to book golf tee times. See the bottom of this page for a current list of top providers we are searching.

What does Supreme Golf cost?

Supreme Golf is completely free to use for searching and comparing tee times within our services. If a tee time is booked through our services from a third-party provider a booking fee may be charged from the third-party. If a tee time is offered from Supreme Golf as the provider, you will never be charged a fee to complete the booking.

What about my loyalty programs with other tee time providers? Can I still use those?

Purchases within Supreme Golf do not currently qualify for third-party loyalty programs. We working with these third-parties to implement this into our services.

Can I use coupons from third party providers with Supreme Golf?

Yes. You will be able to use the coupon to book with the tee time provider for which you have a valid code for. After you search and select a tee time, you will have the option to apply the code upon checkout within Supreme Golf, or you will be taken to that tee time provider’s website to complete the booking. At that point, if you have a valid offer code you will be able to apply it to your purchase.

Why am I sometimes redirected to a third-party website to book tee times?

Tee times you see as a result of searching Supreme Golf are provided by online tee time providers, golf courses and deal websites. Some of these tee times are not yet integrated within our Instant Booking system. Supreme Golf is continuously working to improve our services and in most cases we now allow you to complete a tee time booking with us via Instant Booking. We work very closely with all of our tee time providers to help make the transaction process simple and seamless.

If I am redirected from Supreme Golf to complete a booking, how do I know the tee time on the third-party website is the same one I chose from Supreme Golf?

Before you leave any of our services to finalize your purchase, you will be given the chance to review your tee time. After confirming the tee time is correct and leaving our website, you will see a confirmation of your order before you complete the purchase. It is highly recommended that you thoroughly review the golf course, date, tee time and price for accuracy before purchasing.


What is Instant Booking?

Instant booking allows you to complete tee time bookings without leaving the Supreme Golf iOS or Android app — or website. Currently, GolfNow, TeeOff by the PGA Tour and Golf18 Network participate in the Instant Booking feature on Supreme Golf. We are working with our other online providers to integrate their tee times into our Instant Booking service to create a seamless experience for everyone.

Are the pictures accurate?

Many of the course images are provided by the tee time suppliers themselves. We also use stock images for courses we do not have an image for. Due to the nature of how we receive these images and the fact that we cannot validate date of images we do not recommend using these images as a way of judging a course’s current conditions.

How do I create an account to book tee times?

All you need to do is Sign Up and create a Supreme Golf account in order to use the Instant Booking feature. You can easily manage payment methods via the Account section.

What are the changes to GolfNow bookers?

Previously users booking GolfNow rounds would log in to their GolfNow account in order to complete a transaction on Supreme Golf. Users will now create a Supreme Golf account to complete a transaction for GolfNow. The good news is one Supreme Golf account now allows you to book tee times from GolfNow, TeeOff by the PGA Tour and Golf18 Network.

What are the benefits of instant booking?

With Instant Booking, you no longer need to be taken to our provider’s website to complete a tee time booking. You may also manage your payment methods and track past or upcoming reservations made with Instant Booking inside of your Supreme Golf account.

Can I see past or upcoming reservations?

All rounds booked via Instant Booking at or one of Supreme Golf’s apps will be tracked in your Account Section under previous reservations.

Do you offer rewards on purchases made via Instant Booking?

Not yet, but a rewards program is coming soon so stay tuned!

Is Supreme Golf the merchant of record?

Yes, Supreme Golf is now the merchant of record for several of its providers including TeeOff, Golf Now and Golf 18.  Instant Booking technology users can now create one account with Supreme Golf and book tee times for most of our larger tee time providers without leaving our sites or apps.

Is Instant Booking secure?

Yes, it’s as secure as booking on our provider websites. Through the power of Instant Booking technology, our partners can process your payment just as if you were booking on their site.

Does Supreme Golf store my credit card number?

Supreme Golf does not store credit card numbers. The transaction takes place with the tee time provider and we securely facilitate the transaction.

How can I edit my credit card info with my Supreme Golf account?

Supreme Golf uses a secure token that allows users to manage and edit credit card information within a Supreme Golf account. Via the secure token, you can add, edit and delete payment methods within Supreme Golf. This provides users with one secure location to book tee times from most of our tee time providers. Your credit card information is never stored on Supreme Golf’s servers.

Is Supreme Golf or its partners PCI compliant?

All of our tee time providers and any service we use to securely transmit a transaction are PCI compliant. We utilize industry best practices to ensure your transaction is submitted securely.

What if my Credit Card details are updated?

Due to our security policies, Supreme Golf only allows you to change the expiration date and address.  If your updated card has a new card number OR a new CVV number, you will have to add it as a new card in your Payment Options.  

Can I still book directly at the provider website instead of booking on Supreme?

You will now book all tee times via the Instant Booking feature for inventory from GolfNow, TeeOff by the PGA Tour and Golf18 Network. You will still be redirected to the provider websites to complete the booking for any provider that is not participating in the Instant Booking feature.

Who do I call if I need to get a refund or make a change in reservation for rounds booked via Instant Booking?

For refunds, you can contact Supreme Golf directly at [email protected]. You will still call the provider with whom you booked (GolfNow, TeeOff by the PGA Tour, Golf18 Network, etc.) for all reservation changes.

 For TeeOff Support: [email protected] or by phone at 1-855-383-3633


For GolfNow Support: [email protected]


What if I find errors on Supreme Golf?

We make every effort to keep tee time availability and pricing up-to-date in real time, there may be occasions when you see conflicting information or try to book a tee time that no longer exists. If you notice an error on, please use the Feedback button at the top of the screen or submit feedback



What are some of the acceptable reasons for cancelling and requesting a refund of your tee time?

The following acceptable reasons for canceling include: course closure due to weather, injury, accident, illness or other emergencies. All cancellations requested must be submitted within the course’s cancellation window (this can be found during checkout and on confirmation email) in advance of the tee time and in accordance with our provider’s terms and conditions. Each provider we partner with has their own set of rules as to what qualifies as acceptable for cancellation. For more information, please see the terms and condition on our website when booking a tee time.

Can a GolfNow Hot Deal or Lightning Round be cancelled and refunded?

GolfNow Hot Deals can be only be canceled and refunded in the event of bad weather and course closure, injury, illness or death. Contact us via email directly at [email protected] and we will reach out directly to Golf Now.

Can Supreme Golf Modify My Tee Time by Either Increasing or Decreasing the Number of Golfers?

As an aggregator of tee times, we cannot modify reservations for customers... If you would like to change the number of players instead of canceling your tee time, please reach out to the tee time provider or the course as they can best assist you with modifying reservations.

Can Supreme Golf Provide Credit Back to the Golfer’s Account in the Event of Bad Weather or Other Cancellations?

Supreme Golf does not provide credit or rain checks to its customers, as rain checks must be done through each specific course. In the event of bad weather, Supreme Golf can cancel and refund your tee time instead of providing credit to your account or a rain check. Please reach out to us at [email protected]

How Quickly Will I Receive My Refund and How Much Money Will I Get Back?

The amount of money you will be refunded changes on a case-by-case basis. Depending on the round booked and the provider, booking fees are non-refundable per the terms and agreements presented before you complete the booking process. As far as receiving your refund, please allow up to 5-7 business for the refund to be processed and post. If for any reason your refund doesn’t post in the allotted time or isn’t in the proper amount, please reach out to us at [email protected] so we can assist you.

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